About Us

Clever Creatures provides products and information for behaviour and training.

Clever Creatures also runs dog training classes in Samson (South of the River in Perth).

At Clever Creatures we are passionate about education and problem prevention. Solutions don’t have to come with such a huge price tag. For example our booklet “101 Ways to keep your dog entertained!” booklet is only $4.99 by download.

Our range of products includes: the Dog Dunny (toilet training for puppies); D-Ter bird and animal repellent; Sounds Scary, Sounds Sociable and Sounds Soothing CD’s; Relaxation music for your dog and cat; Separation distress and dogs (Book); Barking problems solved; Top Dog DVD & of course “101 Ways to keep your dog entertained!”

Sarah McMullen is the proprietor of Clever Creatures and has had a passionate interest in working with animals her whole life. Sarah is experienced in all areas of animal care & has an extensive amount of knowledge in relation to behaviour and training.

Sarah developed Clever Creatures to enhance the relationship of pets (particularly dogs) and their humans. Sarah has studied at Murdoch University and worked as an animal behaviourist for approximately 10 years. She understands that having a pet can be expensive, & some behavioural solutions are not always affordable (particularly for minor problems).

Prior to running Clever Creatures Sarah worked as an Animal Behaviourist with H.A.B.I.T.S (and managed the practice), ran puppy classes for 10 years, and worked as a (qualified) veterinary nurse. Sarah is also a qualified zoo keeper and worked at Perth zoo for a number of years. Currently, in addition to running Clever Creatures Sarah also works full time as a lecturer (in animal studies of course!) and is busy writing a book on behaviour and training.

Sarah no longer conducts behavioural consultations, but instead provides educational information to people through Clever Creatures.

For serious behaviour problems, or if you cannot find the information you are seeking please email Sarah for a recommendation to a consulting animal behaviourist. Please note due to the busy nature of Sarah’s work individual behaviour enquiries cannot be answered, though topics can be requested for our newsletter.

In addition to providing educational information Clever Creatures our local dog training classes are held in Samson (Perth). Our main trainers are qualified and certified. We have been running these classes for close to 10 years and have refined the classes to the fantastic training experience that they are today.

Our training classes currently run on a Saturday morning & are available for puppies and dogs of all ages. For more information on our training classes please see the dog training page.

As Clever Creatures is still developing our range of products, you will find more will become available in the near future. Please feel free to email us if you have a specific request, or join our newsletter mailing list for updates as they become available.

For more info please visit our website at http://www.clevercreatures.com.au or click here.


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