Uglii is a much better way to be seen online! Just to let you know that the Uglii global online business directory has now been launched. We have become affiliated with Uglii to assist those in the animal and pet industry to register their business. Registration is FREE! It’s just being launched now and we are encouraging all businesses to register and benefit from the new launch.



  1. Hello,
    I really like your blog. I am a pet lover too and created The Story Keeper: Pet Projects
    We bring joy to animal lovers. Our fun digital slideshows & beautiful photo books tell your pet’s tale.
    Pet Adoption
    Pet Therapy & K9 Training & Certification
    Blessing of Animals
    Rescue Pet Survivor Stories
    Groomed & Looking Good!
    Just Because – Happy Tales
    Tributes & Memorials

    Great for gifting or enjoying yourself. Our products can be made in multiple sets to share with others.Keepsakes Made Easy! Leave the work to us.

    Enjoy the antics of your loyal friend on your laptop, phone and TV, upload our digital creations to social media sites and email to friends and family.
    If you like this idea, would you consider linking to my website or blogging about it? Here’s a link
    Thank you again

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